Canadian Computing Competition: Valuable experience for kids

Canadian Computing Competition

1. What is the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC)?

CCC is a fun challenge for secondary students to test their ability in algorithms.

An algorithm is a set of rules to accomplish a task. Algorithms provide you a great computational power to analyze data and help make your best decisions in everyday life. For example, Instagram shows you the top posts based on your browsing history. Google Maps shows you the shortest path and alternative routes.

The Canadian Computing Competition is offered by the University of Waterloo, one of the top public universities in Canada. The contest is recognized by high-ranking universities in North America.

2. Competition format

The CCC consists of two distinct divisions: Junior Division and Senior Division.

Junior Level — any student with elementary programming skills

Senior Level — any student with intermediate to advanced programming skills

Any student may choose to write any level (Junior or Senior). Each paper consists of 5 questions. The range of difficulty increases from the first question to the last question. However, they will be graded only on the Junior paper or the Senior paper, not on some combination of Junior and Senior questions.

3. How your kids can get a certificate?

The top 25% of each division will get a certificate.

Moreover, 20 students of the top CCC Senior contestants classified as Canadian School Official are invited to attend the Canadian Computing Olympiad (CCO).

4. Why your kids should participate in CCC?

  • CCC recognizes top-performing students (top 25%), so high marks and certificates will be an asset for your kids to be admitted into University, especially the School of Computer Science or Engineering
  • Good opportunity to learn more about computer science concepts
  • Learn more advanced mathematics and logics
  • Motivation to self-regulate and foster good learning behavior

5. How Sandbox can help kids in CCC preparation?

  • We provide CCC-focused courses and assignments with 2-hour course per week
  • We customize the preparation path for you kids and summarize tips and tricks
  • Our professional instructors have majored in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU)

M.C from Under The GUI Succeed in Canadian Computation Competition (CCC) 2020

M.C. is a Grade 8 student who has been with our partner, Under THE GUI for three years. He started with Unity game design and development and took the CCC-specified courses. Last year, he took advanced-level computer science classes (CS701) and he also enjoyed learning professional programming concepts like data structure and algorithms.

M. took part in our CCC-specified courses so he could practice his skills more.

This Feb, M. participated in the 2020 Canadian Computation Competition (CCC) and completed all five questions. He received 64 out of 75 points and ranked top of all attendees, which was a great success for a student at his age!

Big congratulations to M.C., and we wish him great success in Computer Science in the future!

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