CS702 Computer Science Intermediate Part 2 (Age 15 to 17)

CS702 Computer Science Intermediate Part 2

Students create various smaller console-based projects, to get a better understanding of theoretical concepts such as lists, iterators, and two-dimensional arrays. Students will learn how to create UML Diagrams and how to use these for their projects.

These projects correspond with the theory taught in the book ‘Barron’s AP Computer Science A, 8th edition’. This book prepares students for university entry exams for computer science programs.

Students have a decent understanding of what computer science is about and know more about the theory behind programming
Students have finished the practice tests from Barron’s chapter 6 and 7

Prerequisites: CS701


  • Students understand and can use arrays, lists, queues, stacks and other forms of iterable variables
  • Students have a good understanding of Prototyping, Testing, and Debugging
  • Students are able to find errors and debug their code through the Netbeans IDE debugger

● Students are able to discover and fix bugs by themselves ● Students can identify problems and can come up with their own solutions ● Students can use debugging tools to help them solve more complex problems

  • Students have a good understanding and are able to prepare for a software project by creating software development plans
  • Students are able to read a UML diagram or create one based on existing code

Students are able to reflect on others development plans and diagrams, and assist each other with problems

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