PY202 Python Beginners Part 2 (Age 7 to 8)

PY202 Python Beginners Part 2

Based on what students have learned in PY201, they will dive deeper into Python & PixelPAD. Students will learn about creating worlds, with multiple playable areas and simple patrolling characters. Students will finish with a unique platformer puzzle game!

Students create the game Monkey Platformer and learn the basics of how to make a platformer. This platformer will teach students simple physics and how to implement it in their own games.

Similar to PY201, students will be able to add features, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own. Additionally, they can extend their game by adding more levels and customizing their worlds.

Prerequisites: PY201


● Students understand a simplified concept of gravity and how it affects objects

● Students can create their own variables and use them to customize gameplay

● Students can understand concepts related to physics, such as collision and speed

● Students understand and can describe concepts of object-oriented design and development in PixelPAD environment

● Students can generate custom worlds to challenge others through various puzzles

● Students are able to read the Console and identify what line causes an error


● Students can make a product in PixelPAD using known procedures or through modeling of others

● Student use trial and error to make changes, solve problems, or incorporate new ideas from self or others

● Students can demonstrate their product, tell the story of designing and making their product

● Students can use personal preferences to evaluate the success of their design solutions


Course Hours
09:00 - 17:00
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