PY201 – Python Beginners Part 1 (Age 7 to 8)

space shooting game


Students learn the basics of Python, by using the web-engine PixelPAD, software specifically designed to teach students how to code! This course is intended for our youngest students with little to no technical background. Students will learn about input, x and y coordinates, conditions and collision in this course, ending with their very own spaceship game!

Students create a Spaceshooter app, in which the user controls a spaceship and shoots asteroids, other spaceships, and space debris with lasers! This is a course meant for absolute beginners and serves as an introduction to very basic programming concepts.

Students will be able to modify the gameplay, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own.

Prerequisites: None


● Students understand and can describe the concept of variables ● Students can point to examples of variable usage and explain what it means ● Students can use basic PixelPAD and Python commands, including object_new(), sprite_new(), key_was_pressed() ● Students have an understanding of conditions in games, and can use this logic to modify gameplay ● Students can use the Cartesian coordinate system in PixelPAD to position their objects appropriately in the game ● Students can take simple existing code and modify it to their liking.

● Students generate ideas and explore ways to implement ideas using pre-made functions and course assets on the PixelPAD platform

● Students can trial and error to make changes, solve problems, or incorporate new ideas from self or others

● Students can make a product using known procedures or through modeling of others

● Students can demonstrate their product, tell the story of designing and making their product ● Students can use personal preferences to evaluate the success of their design solutions ● Students can reflect other students work and have other students reflect work


PY101 - Gameplay
PY101 Game Iteration


Course Hours
09:00 - 15:00
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