PY301 Python Intermediate Part 1 (Age 9 to 10)

PY201 Under the Gui


Students get to the next level of Python & PixelPAD, to understand computer algorithms and computer programming basics. Students will learn about objects in code, arrays and creating interactive Non-Player-Controlled characters. Students will finish with a full Role Playing Game!

Students create a Role Playing Game, which is a simple top-down 2D game where students learn how to make a game similar to popular titles such as Zelda. Students create a world with various characters, items, and challenges.

Prerequisites: PY201, PY202


● Students have an understanding of how to manipulate variables algebraically and through computation ● Students have an understanding of commenting and how to comment on their code ● Students are able to write readable and properly structured code ● Students understand the concept of a function f(x) in the context of the PixelPAD environment such as room_set(‘room’), collision_check(self, ‘obj’) ● Students are able to create arrays in code and store or retrieve information from these arrays

● Students are able to generate a full world with their own characters, who can interact and talk with the player ● Students can implement a narrative in the world they have created ● Students can create items to provide the player with extra abilities

● Students are able to read the console, find errors and fix basic errors themselves

● Students will have the ability to make a full project in PixelPAD, with little support of an instructor

● Students will be able to read and understand other students code, even if different from theirs ● Students can reflect other students work and have other students reflect their work


PY201 Under the Gui
PY201 - Under the Gui - Python Game


Course Hours
09:30 - 17:30
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