PY302 Python Intermediate Part 2 (Age 9 to 10)

PY302 Python Intermediate Part 2

Based on what students have learned in PY201, they will dive deeper into Python & PixelPAD. Students will learn about physics, such as velocity, gravity, and friction. After this course, students will have created their very own physics-based games!

The Balloon Fight is a more advanced platforming game with some kinematic physics involved. This course challenges students to implement gravity, velocity, acceleration, and vector-based code.

Students will be able to add features, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own. In addition, students will be able to adjust physics, and how the objects interact with it and add controls for multiple players.

Prerequisites: PY201, PY202



● Students understand vectors, and vector addition through x and y velocities ● Students can simulate physics using the physics concepts of velocity, speed, and acceleration ● Students understand how physics in the game are the same as physics in the real world

● Students are able to create physics-based games, creating action and agility based challenges for the player ● Students can create different features for enemies to make the game more challenging for the player

● Students can for the most part, reliably fix, test, and debug their own program independent from an instructor

● Students will have the ability to make a full project in PixelPAD, with little support of an instructor

● Students will be able to read and understand other students code, even if different from theirs ● Students be able to have reflect on other students work, and suggest changes or features

PY202 - Under the GUI - Gameplay



Course Hours
15:20 - 16:20
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