PY402 – Python Advanced Part 2 (Age 11 to 13)

course PY402 gameplay

Based on what students have learned in PY301, they will dive deeper into Python & PixelPAD. Students will be introduced to AI movement & gameplay, and create a cool strategy game, inspired by the popular mobile game Clash Royale!

Students create a top-down strategy game for mobile, similar to popular strategy games currently played on mobile devices.

Students will be able to adjust features, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own. In addition, they will be able to create custom units, AI behavior, and multiple worlds.

Prerequisites: PY301, PY3202



● Students understand how to create an opponent in a game that is controlled by simple artificial intelligence ● Students are able to write optimized and well structured code ● Students are able to write code making objects follow custom paths in their game ● Students understand and can apply loops in combination with arrays

● Students understand how balancing of characters, their features and their value can improve the gameplay

● Students can reliably fix, test, and debug their own program independent from an instructor ● Students can develop a custom game in PixelPAD, independent from an instructor

● Students understand and can create games of any type, for multiple platforms in PixelPAD

● Students are able to reflect on other students code, and assist others by showing examples and explaining programming concepts

course PY402 gameplay
Under the GUI course PY302


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