UN502 Unity Intermediate Part 2 (Age 12 to14)

UN402 - Under the GUI - Gameplay

Based on what students have learned in UN501, they will dive deeper into Unity and C#. This course will teach students stronger conceptual programming ideas, more polished coding practices, and a better understanding of how to code effectively. Students will be introduced to 2D sprites, physics, animation, and tilemaps. They will finish with a 2D platformer!

Students will be using the Unity 2D Physics engine to create a platformer game with realistic physics, enemies, and collectibles.

Students will be able to adjust features, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own. Students will be able to create a custom interface and controls for their game.

Prerequisites: UN501



● Students have an understanding of how physics are created in Unity and how it affects gameplay ● Students are able to manipulate forces, velocity, and other physics concepts to make their game functional ● Students have an understanding on the natural laws of physics through using these in their game

● Students are able to create large world and use 2D physics to manipulate objects in an interesting and challenging way for the player

● Students are familiar with reading error messages, and tracing where these error messages originate from ● Students are able to fix simple bugs, such as typing mistakes and minor errors

● Students are able to create custom User Interface systems for their game ● Students are able to create large worlds with various characters and challenges, using the Unity interface

● Students are able to demonstrate their work and describe their process ● Students are able to reflect on each other’s work, suggest ideas and how they might be implemented

PY402 - Under the Gui - Gameplay
UN402 - Under the GUI - Gameplay
Course Hours
14:10 - 15:1016:30 - 17:30
16:30 - 17:30
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