UN601 Unity Advanced Part 1 (Age 13 to 15)

UN601 Unity Advanced Part 1

This course will teach students about 3D game development. They will be introduced to the x,y,z space, how to manipulate terrains, Raycasting and how to write code for movement and interaction in 3D space. Students will finish with an interactive 3D game!

In courses on 3D Game development with the Unity Engine, students will further their understanding of C# and create modular and extensible games through optimized code. These projects leave plenty of room for creation and independent coding. Not only do students get to create some really cool games, but students will also be introduced to 3D physics in Unity and the advanced tools it has to offer.

Students will create a game similar to the classic game ‘Portal’, in which the player has to walk around and solve puzzles and challenges by teleporting through portals.

Prerequisites: UN501, UN502



● Students have an understanding of 3D space, using x,y and z coordinates ● Students have an understanding and are able to use global and local position within a 3D space ● Students have an understanding and are able to use global and local rotation within a 3D space ● Students understand the concept of raycasting and will be able to apply this in their project ● Students are familiar with component-based programming

● Students are able to create large worlds with obstacles, puzzles and challenges for the player

● Students are able to discover and fix bugs, with little to no help from instructors ● Students can identify problems and can come up with their own solutions

● Students will be able to create large terrains with various textures and heights. ● Students are able to place and manipulate any sort of object through the Unity editor, both 2D and 3D

● Students are able to demonstrate their work and describe their process ● Students are able to reflect on each other’s work, by analyzing technical and design aspects, and give detailed suggestions

UN501 - Under the GUI - Unity - Course
Course Hours
10:20 - 11:20
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