UN602 Unity Advanced Part 2 (Age 13 to 15)

Under the GUI - UN502 - First Person Shooting

Based on what students have learned in UN601, they will dive deeper into Unity and C#. They will learn about Artificial Intelligence, pathfinding, and the navigation mesh. Additionally, they will learn about Mecanim, to animate 3-dimensional models. Students will learn about object-oriented programming, inheritance, and physics. They will finish with a 3D third person game.

Students will create a basic first-person game, in which the player has to capture flags in a world, while enemies are chasing the player.

Students will be able to modify assets, both 2D and 3D, and implement additional functionality to the game by creating custom scripts.

Prerequisites: UN501, UN502



● Students understand the concept of pathfinding and how it is used in games ● Students understand how to create an AI controlled character with custom behaviour ● Students are able to use component-based programming in their own games

● Students are able to create large worlds with obstacles, puzzles and challenges for the player ● Students can customize the AI controlled characters in their world to have new behaviours

● Students are able to discover and fix bugs by themselves ● Students can identify problems and can come up with their own solutions ● Students can use debugging tools to help them solve more complex problems

● Students understand and are able to create navigation meshes ● Students are able to create full worlds in Unity3D and use these in their games

● Students are able to demonstrate their work and describe their process ● Students are able to reflect on each other’s work, by analyzing technical and design aspects, and give detailed suggestions

Under the GUI - UN502 - First Person Shooting
Course Hours
11:30 - 12:30
15:20 - 16:20
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