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PY301 - Under the GUI - gameplay
April 22, 2019April 29, 2019

PY301 Python Advanced Part 1

In the third year of Python & PixelPAD, the students will be introduced to programming concepts such as functions, if-statements, for-loops, and physics, and also learn how to write clean and fast code. Students will finish with a cool fruit-slashing game, inspired by the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja!

space shooting game
April 20, 2019April 29, 2019

PY101 – Python Beginners Part 1

Students learn the basics of Python, by using the web-engine PixelPAD, software specifically designed to teach students how to code! This course is intended for our youngest students with little to no technical background. Students will learn about input, x and y coordinates, conditions and collision in this course, ending with their very own spaceship game!