PY401 Python Advanced Part 1 (Age 11 to 13)

PY301 - Under the GUI - gameplay

In the third year of Python & PixelPAD, the students will be introduced to programming concepts such as functions, if-statements, for-loops, and physics, and also learn how to write clean and fast code. Students will finish with a cool fruit-slashing game, inspired by the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja!

Students create the game Fruit Tap and learn how to make a game that is designed for mobile. In the game fruit will fly through the screen and players have to tap it to get a higher score.

Students will be able to adjust features, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own. In addition, they will be able to create custom fruits, power-ups, and spawning mechanics.

Prerequisites: PY301, PY302



● Students can understand development differences when developing in the mobile environment particularly when it comes to user interface and user design ● Students understand and can apply loops in the code ● Students understand and can apply loops in combination with arrays

● Students understand and can create games similar to some games they know, and extend those games with features of their own

● Students are able to look at a problem and break it down in a series of sub-problems

● Students understand and can create games for multiple platforms in PixelPAD, without the support of an instructor

● Students are able to reflect on other students code, and assist other by helping them debug their code

PY301 - Under the GUI - gameplay
UTG students In-class
PY 301 Coding Sample


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09:10 - 17:10
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