UN501 Unity Intermediate Part 1 (Age 12 to 14)

UN501 Unity Intermediate Part 1

Through an in-depth introduction to the Unity Game Engine and its interface, students will learn to create games using a professional game development environment while learning C#. With the reinforcement of programming concepts and coding best practices, students will learn to create projects with the same rigorous standard of professional developers. In courses on 2D Game development with the Unity Engine, students will be introduced to a new interface and language by using familiar logic concepts.

The students will create 2D Space Shooter game, in which the player controls a spaceship that has to dodge asteroid and enemies coming its way.

Students will be able to adjust features, change their sprites and re-skin their game to make it uniquely their own, using both C# as well as the Unity interface.

Prerequisites: None


● Students have an understanding of the C# language and are able to write very basic code ● Students are able to understand variables, functions and conditionals, and how these are used in C# ● Students are slightly familiar with the concept of component-based programming ● Students are able to understand, collisions and vectors and how these are used in Unity ● Students are able to modify existing code to change basic functionality of their game

● Students understand how to modify their gameplay and world, to increase the challenge and fun for the player

● Students are familiar with reading error messages, and tracing where these error messages originate from ● Students are familiar with the concept of debugging in Unity

● Students are able to create very simple games with the Unity interface, combined with the C# language

● Students are able to demonstrate their work and describe their process ● Students are able to reflect on each other’s work and communicate ideas



Course Hours
08:00 - 14:00
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